2019 Pro Staff Members

Chris Gibson


Chris is a beast with the True Spins and Pro Blades. He helped us in the design and testing of the True Spins and True Spin Elites.  I have personally seen him put good fish in the boat with them when it did not seem possible. 

Email:  willcgib@gmail.com  

Nick Allen


Nick comes to us from North Texas and has the look of a mild mannered Clark Kent. Trust us, there is a Superman outfit underneath as he flat out puts fish in the boat like a thief in the lake. His PB came from the Ultimate Squealer Buzz Bait but there's no telling how big the next one will be with his super powers! 

Email:  nick3383@gmail.com 

Jon Hargett


Jon is an avid tournament angler and is on the water all the time on his home lake in Jacksonville TX. He excels with the Swim/ Pitch jigs and the Pro Blades. Jon has the ability to be very versatile and adjust to what the fish tell him on any given day. Email:  jghargett67@gmail.com   

Steven Evans


Steven just looks like a laid back cool cat having a good time, meanwhile he is catching all the fish! He helped create our Red Craw Stand Up Football Jig that has been a hit with the bass. Always thinking and exploring new ideas but the Stand up Football Jigs are his go-to. 

Email: Stevenevans08@gmail.co

Joe Stewart


Joe grew up in east Texas but is currently in North Carolina where he competes in tournaments on the local and state levels. He is an Active Gunnery Sergeant with the fishing bug and loves Flipping and power fishing True Spins. Joe gives us a representative out east and we are proud to have him on our team. 

Email: joe.stewart0409@gmail.com

Will Eller


Very Active in the Bass Angling world,  an active duty military member, Will comes to us from Temple  TX and fishes a lot on Belton and Stillhouse Hollow. He is the director of the Fishers of Men tournament Trail and will be helping promote  our products through that trail as well. Welcome him to the team!

Email:  willellerfishing@yahoo.com 

Brandon Koehler


Brandon comes to us from the Lubbock area and has been using our products for some time now with much success. The pic above is on our Football Stand up jig. Active in the  fishing world and tournament scene, Brandon will be helping us promote out in his area. Oh, and as you can see, he catches em pretty darn good. Welcome Brandon to Team Bass Assets!

Email:  Bkoehler23@yahoo.com

Jeff Farmer


Jeff comes to us from Jacksonville North Carolina and will be representing and promoting for us in that area. He has won several regional, state and local tournaments and is currently active on the FLW Costa southeastern series. A retired Marine with over 30 yrs of service, Jeff is certainly a welcome addition to the team.

Email: jeffery.v.farmer@ gmail.com

Mat Downey


An avid tournament fisherman from Kountze, Texas, Mat has an impressive track record competing in several Pro-Am trails, like BFL and Costa Series just to name a couple!  He's most familiar with Sam Rayburn & Toledo Bend, 2 of the best bass lakes in the country. Welcome to the team Mat.

Email: mcd1282@gmail.com

Jerad Pool


Jerad's nick name is the Hill Country Hammer with good reason. He is a trusted source for fishing advice on catching large bass in his neck of the woods. He owns and operates Hill Country Hammer Guide Service and has helped us immensely at Bass Assets with several lure designs and modifications to make them the best.  Representing from Austin, father of 5 and a great stick, he certainly fits in with our family company. 

Email: jeradpool1984@gmail.com

Rick Harris


Rick is an avid tournament fisherman and currently a guide on Lake Amistad. He will be helping promote our product in the Del Rio area. This dude flat out is a gorilla stomper when it comes to catching big fish. Just talking to him you can tell he is a student of the bass fishing scene and we are excited about him helping us out. Welcome Mr Rick Harris to the team and the family!

Email: rickharris3d@gmail.com

Eric Krause


Yes, I am the owner but figured only fair for you to know me as well. Born & raised in Central Florida, I honed my skills as a tournament angler, competed and won several large and small events on Clermont & Harris Chain of Lakes, Rousseau, Kissimmee Chain and others. Put my dream of being a Pro Angler on the back burner and went the corporate route which landed me in Dallas, Texas.  With fishing in my blood I am doing what I love and loving what I do, building my American dream.