Hand Crafted one at a time

Bass Assets has the best bass lures. Each one is hand-made one at a time here in the USA by a very experienced bass tournament fisherman and lure tinkerer. Each bait you purchase from Bass Assets is tuned and tested to catch fish as soon as you take it out of the package. We believe these are among the best bass lures available.

Reel Good Baits!

One thing we've learned is the more time you have a proper presentation in the water, the better chances you have at catching more bass. All of our lures are designed and tested to "reel" true and stay in the proper position from cast to catch. 

True Image Paint Schemes

Any idea how many bass turn away from the bait at the last minute because something isn't right? We don't have an accurate number either but you can rest assured these lures will get you more of those bites to give you the edge you need.

Try our lures and you'll love them as much as we do, because they work!

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